Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Esmeralda Loves Nail Polish

Esmeralda is definitely my daughter! If I ever had any doubts, today they were all put to rest. I wanted to buy a nice pink nail polish. Not too bright and crazy. But more muted.

This morning Esmeralda and I were buying groceries at Wal-Mart. And I remembered we needed some more barrettes for my princess. While we were in the area, I went to look at the nail polish.

I had not heard of the Pure Ice brand before. I don't usually go wonder through the cosmetic aisles too much. I usually have 3 kids to keep track of. And I buy the same things over and over. Just for the convenience.

But today it was just Esmeralda and I. And we had some time to wonder through all the displays in the makeup area. Pure Ice had a large display of this nail polish. In every color you can imagine! I picked this color.

Rumors, #919. It reminds me of a dusty pink. A nice conservative color. You can say, a safe color. Like when I go to the PTA meetings, or field trips with the boys.

My daughter, seeing all of the small bottles, got excited. She wanted to pick a color too! She was torn between Love #917 and Lilac #763. The .5 ml bottle was around $2. I let her get both. She was really unsure of which one to buy. And too excited when we bought them both.

I also bought Flirt Alert #617 and First Love #818. Because I couldn't resist either!

And when we got home, we put away our groceries. Then we sat down to paint our nails. I am wearing Rumors. Esmeralda has on Lilac. She is so excited to show her daddy!

This is a really good quality nail polish for the price. A nice texture when applied. The color is good after 2 coats. I can see myself buying Pure Ice in the future, again and again. In lots of other colors! T

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Love Multiples

Lately, I have been stressing at the fact that I will soon be the mom of 4 kids. Robert and I have always wanted kids. In fact, it took us years to have our precious babies. We saw the twins as a complete miracle. Our little princess, she is just a gift from above. The new baby, already is a miracle.

Along with the growing family, I sit and wonder if I am going to have enough time in the day, to give each one of my kids the quality time they deserve. I know that our love just grows. But I am worried that my time is just going to shrink.

Robert keeps telling me that I am stressing over nothing. But I am a little scared. I cried when the boys started pre-K last year. And when they graduated to kindergarten this year, I thought I would never make it. The first day, I cried after I dropped them off at school.

Right now, I am kinda glad they are in school. Because when the new baby comes, I will only have 2 kids at home during the day. Is that bad? I hope not. Because I think I just need some time to adjust to all of our kids. To be able to learn how to juggle 4 kids. When our family went from 2 to 3 kids, it was not a big deal at all! Maybe because having a singlet after twins is so much less work! I just need to breath. It will all turn out good. T