Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Because We Have 4...

Because we have 4 kids, I don't get a lot of down time. I have neglected my blog. I haven't read my friends' blogs in forever! My friends, I haven't seen them in forever either. I miss just going to lunch.

I don't buy clothes and makeup like I used to. Not because a lack of funds. More because of a lack of time. Have you ever tried to get 4 kids ready? And all of them in a good mood. It's near impossible. So I avoid going anywhere when I have all 4 of them by myself. Even my parents house. It's just too much.

But it's also so rewarding. I love sitting here with my kids. The twins are now 6, and we can carry on some good conversations. They're interested in learning. And we generally get a lot done. My girls, they're just too cute! We generally sit around playing with dolls and girly things.

It's fun being a mom. A mom of 4. I never thought I would get here. We dealt with a ton of infertility issues. But I'm glad we're here. 4 kids and all. Stay at home mom, with spit up in my hair. I wouldn't change my life for anything in the world. T

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